HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Triqor Group steps in to close a $7.2 million transaction for a family trust that initially chose to effect a 1031 into a retail investment for their Huntington Beach, 31 unit property, listed by Colliers Commercial. When the buyer, a private investor of Los Angeles, was unable to perform and close the transaction after several months and escrow extension requests, the seller reached out to the founder of Triqor Group, Gary Tolfa.

“The seller was in a very tough position having put up a large non-refundable deposit on his replacement property,” explains Tolfa.

Within three days, Triqor took immediate action to replace the buyer with Evan Moore of Strattford Capital. Working with Triqor, Strattford removed all contingencies within five days, released $400,000 of non-refundable deposits and closed the transaction within the 40 day time frame, enabling the seller to close their 1031 escrow.

ABOUT Triqor: Specializing in income-producing, multi-family, residential properties since inception, Triqor Group is committed to meeting the needs of a variety of investors, with a multitude of objectives. We pride ourselves on closely following the pulse of the local apartment market. By constantly keeping in touch with the owners throughout the county, along with the brokerage community, we are able to thoroughly monitor the Orange County rental and sale marketplace. We use that knowledge to create an extensive property analysis for an owner contemplating a sale. The analysis concludes with a real value in today’s marketplace.

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