How We’re Different

Our expansion is focused on finding highly driven; best of the best professionals who want to expand the reach and quality of their business. In each market we intend to develop the right people to utilize our tools and build around. Just as we did in Orange County we will focus on providing the support needed to do more business and creating a synergistic team of pros that develop into a collaborative team of submarket dominating brokers.

Our proprietary company data product RETS has been backbone of the firm’s success. Designed as a data platform that contains both current and historical owner data as well as real time and historic property data, RETS gives our brokers an advantage in the marketplace. RETS is also a collaborative platform that allows agents to see beyond the boundaries of their market and understand the complete picture of every owner in their market. This exceptionally high volume of data is managed and maintained by our Research Coordinator and Research staff. Each day they are continually updating On-Market and Closing Data as well as adding additional information on each investor.

Agent support is not just a buzzword around Triqor- it’s the second critical component of our success. While many firms operate on the “you pay for it,” or “we understaff it” model to agent support, Triqor is committed to never being understaffed. This support philosophy allows our brokers to spend more time with clients and gives our clients expertise at all stages of the transactions. Our brokers work closely with our Marketing Coordinators to design proposal presentations and marketing content unique to the client’s goals and the attributes of the offering. Our Transaction Coordinators are eagle-eyed to make sure that all details of the agreed upon contracts are executed as agreed and accounted for accurately. The Research department is challenged to provide our brokers the best real time data on a market and sub-market level so our brokers can give their clients a competitive advantage. Our Managers and Managing Partners are experienced in growing agent incomes and supporting the expansion of agent pipelines.

Triqor is the collaboration of best practices of experienced sales brokers who have brought the best practices from both regional & national brokerage firms. Taking the best parts from previous companies & melding them together, Triqor prides itself on technological innovation, collaborative team-based selling, and unmatched localized expertise & professionalism. Founded over 20 years ago, Triqor’s execution of our founding principles has positioned Triqor #1 in many of the submarkets we currently service. Our focus and personal touch out performs both generalist brokerage companies and the quick-to-hire over deployed companies. As a principal owned firm, we are driven not by stockholder demands for profits, but a commitment to help each owner in every submarket we work to maximize the performance of their investment.

Triqor is committed to being the best brokerage firm in the industry. Our firm is the nexus of passionate professionals and unrivaled commitment to client and agent service. Over the last 25 years the professionals that comprise our firm have completed over 4,000 transactions, held leadership positions at major firms and redefined the industry. The result for our clients is a cutting edge technology and collaborative client focused brokerage team to provide the highest level of professional service at all stages of our clients’ investment.