Agent Development Training FAQS

We have experience growing teams and know that it takes 100 percent commitment from both sides for a partnership to succeed. We commit to attending every meeting you get regardless of client commitment level. When we are not on appointments your mentors conduct numerous skill development workshops weekly to provide every opportunity possible for driven sales professionals to improve.

How much does your training cost?

We’ve trained over 200 agents in our careers and appreciate the sacrifice and total commitment it takes for new advisors to succeed. We don’t need money up front for you to “prove” yourself; we trust you.

What is your training track record?

  • Over 200 agents hired
  • Numerous six figure producers hired and trained
  • Member of Marcus & Millichap national training team 2006-2010
  • National Trainer of the Year – Marcus & Millichap 2008
  • Vice President – Director of National Training 2009-2010
  • Recruited and trained a team of brokers that represented 42 parties totaling over $2 million in fees between May 2010 – May 2011
  • Between 2011 – 2014 oversaw the growth of 6 offices; including developing 73 new agents and increasing commission revenue from $7M to $27M

Does your mentorship program utilize Sr. Agents?

Triqor mentorship is a partnership between you and the firm. Your career will be mentored by the owner of the company. These practicing brokers are vested in creating a long term partnership not just do a few deals together.We’ve learned shorter term, agent driven contracts are transaction-focused. We are different; our commitment is to develop a new advisor’s expertise and long-term pipeline.

What do senior agents say is critical to career growth?

The most successful brokers have the best support and quality data. Support comes in many forms but most look for an experienced peer to bounce ideas off and the necessary support personnel to allow them to stay focused serving clients. When their support allows them to do what they do best, they need quality data to give them a competitive advantage. Real time info about buyers, sellers, and transactions as well as new potential clients gives the best an upper hand.

When should I expect to know if I’m going to make it?

We expect everyone to be successful. The successful are not lucky, they embrace our training and performance expectations and continually meet their own high standards. Our new agents begin to see the positive results of their efforts in as little as 30 days. We know the benchmarks that indicate success and teach our people what they need to do to insure they meet their goals.