IRVINE, CA—A name change to one that better reflects what the company is and what it stands for is making a huge difference for Triqor Group, formerly Investment Property Group, and its clients, principals Gary Tolfa, Chris Keramati and Justin White explain in an interview with

A name change to one that better reflects what the company and what it stands for is making a huge difference for multifamily investment-advisory firm Triqor Group, formerly Investment Property Group, principals Gary Tolfa, Chris Keramati and Justin White tell We sat down with them for an exclusive chat shortly after the announcement of their rebranding to discuss the name change and what’s in store for the firm in the coming months. What inspired the rebranding of your firm from Investment Property Group to Triqor Group?

White: We are all set to rebrand our firm as Triqor. Part of what inspired the rebranding was how much growth the company had been going through over the last five years. Chris’s market dominance really grew in that time, Chris Walker’s as well, and we are now a different company than we had been. With my coming onboard, we needed a name as unique as the service we are offering. We learned what made us different and the image and the brand that best personified who we thought we were, and we gave our clients a chance to do the same. What does the new name reflect, in your opinion?

Tolfa: The Orange County-based branding and advertising firm David Riley Associates did this for us. David did some research on his own about real estate companies. We were thinking about keeping the name Investment Property Group, but after he did his research, he said we didn’t stand out as a name or a company. We needed a unique new identity that wouldn’t be confused with any other group, since the name Investment Property Group gets lost in the shuffle. He helped us come up with Triqor. It makes sense since there are three partners, so it does work for us. With everything we’re doing and the new growth we’re experiencing, it creates whole new company image.

White: Triqor also stands for the three principles of our company: expertise, knowledge and collaboration.

Keramati: David Riley has rebranded a lot of very large companies. His is probably one of the better branding companies in that space, so we brought him on and he helped us with this whole thing.

Tolfa: It involved a lot of brain damage, but it was really well worth it from our standpoint. Our website will also be spectacular and way better than before. What’s in store for your firm in the coming months?

White: We will not change our tack, but we will continue our expansion throughout the west, focusing on L.A. and San Diego. We’ve been successful in adding experienced agents like Mike McKinney, and they feel that our model is the best way for them to get in. Our image and the quality of the marketing product we have is on par with the quality of our brokerage, and we’re giving clients the chance to work with us on both acquisition and disposition sides. As we expand, we feel the Triqor brand name will be beneficial to our clients.

Tolfa: As people notice us, we are getting solicited by senior agents asking what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and why we’re successful at it, wondering if there might be an opportunity for them. As Justin takes us into other markets around SoCal, all of this will pan out really well for us and for our clients. What else should our readers know about the changes at your firm?

Keramati: “We have focused on expanding our unique service to additional markets vs. over-expanding in current markets. Our in-house data analytics creates a unique competitive advantage to our agents, which directly results in better service to our clients. Our three core principals—knowledge, expertise and collaboration—are at the forefront of the rebranding and growth.”

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