Company Profile

Triqor Group is built on collaborative team-based selling, technological innovation, and unmatched localized expertise. Since our founding in 1993, Triqor Group has been securely positioned as number one in many of our current submarkets. As a principal-owned firm, our success is driven not by stockholder demands for profits, but rather by our strong commitment to helping our clients maximize the performance of their investments.

Over the years, our firm has grown to include several highly qualified and experienced brokers from both regional and national brokerage firms. As a result, our team comprises an expert and varied mix of best practices and refined skill sets, which enhances our proven ability to outperform both generalist brokerage companies and over-deployed national public companies.

Our Guiding Principle: The Power of Many

Triqor Group is committed to excellence and the best client experience available in the commercial real estate industry. Our firm is the nexus of collaborative, passionate professionals and unrivaled dedication to service.

True Information Sharing and Support

We understand that in order to facilitate smooth, streamlined and successful transactions, both clients and agents must have access to dedicated specialists at each stage of the process. And, our brokerage team meets regularly to share and discuss recent market data to provide our clients with the most up-to-date, comprehensive and pertinent information possible. This approach ensures highly trained, consistent service through every transaction, regardless of market area.

Collaborative Success

We unite talented, experienced brokers in a collective effort to provide the best possible service to every client, including:

  • Internal sales meetings that showcase and provide important updates on our entire inventory
  • Frequent “road show” sales tours offering a thorough and informative tour of our available inventory
  • Combining resources from our offices around the country to consistently find the best buyer

Technological Innovation

Real Estate Tracking System (RETS), our proprietary software, effectively merges both property and owner data to quickly keep agents up to date with the most current, relevant market information. Ultimately, this technology facilitates a faster, powerfully efficient match of the right buyers to the right properties.